The Physical Index Should Be Concerned With The Products Of Export Food Contact

- May 23, 2017 -

July 2015, the European Union through the food and feed products Early Warning System (RASFF) to a batch of plastic tableware from China issued unqualified notice, the reason for the plastic fork in contact with the food in the process of coating peeling off and color transfer, this is the sixth time since the EU this year because of product physical indicators of China's food contact products issued by the unqualified bulletin. Prior to the EU bulletin also includes metal tableware rust, plastic tableware caused by the deterioration of sensory properties and other causes of food. Once notified by the European Union, it means that the related products will face a recall, such as the return of the operation, the enterprise brought great losses.

In order to ensure product quality and consumer health, inspection and quarantine departments to remind exporters: one is to pay attention to Europe and the United States and other important market technical regulations tracking and research, in raw material procurement, production processes and other links in advance, from the source to reduce risk; the second is to strengthen the quality testing, the chemical indicators involving large-scale instruments can be entrusted to professional institutions to detect, and the decolorization test can be referenced by the relevant standards for solution immersion, such as self-inspection, the rust-proof performance and other items can be purchased from Salt mist machine, such as self-inspection equipment The third is to strengthen communication with foreign customers, in advance with the customer to clarify the quality of product indicators and both sides of the responsibility to avoid due to the unclear responsibility in the event of the occurrence of a dispute.

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