The Origin Of CE Authentication Word Meaning

- May 23, 2017 -

CE is the abbreviation of French, "European Conformity is the European Community, in fact, CE or the European Community in many countries in the language of the" EC "the abbreviation of the phrase, the original English phrase European Community abbreviation for EC, after the EC in French is Communate Europeia, Italian Comunita Europea, Portuguese as Comunidade Europeia, Spanish for Comunidade Europe and so on, so change EC to CE. Of course, the CE may also be regarded as Conformity with European (demand) (in line with Europe (required)), constituting the "main requirement" of the core of the European directive, in the resolution of the European Community (85 C136 01) of May 7, 1985 on new methods of technical harmonization and standards, there is a specific meaning for the need to be "the main requirement" for the purpose of formulating and implementing directives, that is, to the extent that the product does not endanger the safety of human beings, animals and goods The basic safety requirements, not the general quality requirements, the coordinated instruction only stipulates the main requirements, the general instruction requirements are the standard tasks.

Products comply with relevant directives related to the main requirements, the CE mark is the safety of qualified signs and not the quality of qualified signs. In the in the 1940 of the 20th century, western European countries felt the need to unite and push forward the process of European integration in order to ensure their security, enhance their international status and accelerate economic development. European integration can be divided into five levels: the establishment of free-trade zones, customs unions, the unification of large markets, the Economic and monetary union and political alliances.

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