Select CE Certification Agency

- May 23, 2017 -

Most enterprises need TUV certification, but all agree that the price is too expensive. TUV issued CE certification, its authority is beyond doubt, but in fact, the European Union recognized the certification body has a lot, can choose the EU recognized by any certification body to pass CE certification.

CE certification is only product safety certification, not product quality certification. Therefore, through TUV or other European Member States recognized certification bodies are not very different, domestic certification bodies can also issue CE certification certificate.

CE certification is a kind of conformity assessment, it is generally by self Declaration and Certification agency certification of two forms.

Domestic issued CE certificate:

1th: The authority is questioned, the test certificate does not approve, the enterprise must suffer the very big loss.

2nd: When the export of goods ashore, the other side of the customs may prevent your goods ashore, the reason is that the domestic testing agencies in the EU countries are not recognized, the problem of detection agencies can not guarantee you.

  • Travel Adapter Charger Power Bank EMC CE Compliance
  • Adapter Lighting Product Hair Clip RoHS Conformity
  • Hair Health Fitness Product EMC CE Certificate
  • REACH SVHC Test for Consumer Product PC Product IT Product Audio Video Product
  • R&TTE Directive WiFi Products Test
  • Radio Equipment Directive Bluetooth Smart Media Product

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