China's Export Lamp String Frequency Was Notified By EU

- May 23, 2017 -

In the first half of this year, the European Union's non-food rapid Warning System (RAPEX) reported a series of 23 unqualified lights from China, the number of notifications was nearly 3 times times the same period last year, respectively, by the EU banned sales, from consumers and markets recall, destroy products, returns and other penalties. The 8-member countries of the European Union, the top three in number, were Slovakia, Lithuania and Italy.

In response to this situation, the inspection and quarantine departments to remind the relevant export production enterprises: on the one hand, the export of EU lamp string should be strictly in accordance with the EN 60598 standard requirements for testing, the best before mass production to obtain a third-party organization's safety certification, and in strict accordance with the certification requirements of production At the same time to speed up product transformation and upgrade, early use of low-voltage LED technology to produce lights string. On the other hand, the production enterprises should establish the key components quality acceptance system, production process key control system, the finished product sampling system and strict implementation, to avoid products due to substandard and notified, return. Inspection and quarantine departments to remind the relevant export production enterprises to strengthen the contract review, to avoid trade risk, in signing the contract to indicate the final sales of products and the special technical terms of the product, to restrain the importer to change the behavior of the seller, to avoid their own responsibility, to minimize product quality and safety risk.

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