CE Certification Fees And Product Directives

- May 23, 2017 -

Some products CE certification is only required through LVD certification, the customer has to specify the need to do EMC directives, and there is a cost gap between the two. Do CE certification, some customers ready to sell in the domestic market, to do CE certification is to promote their products, and randomly choose a command to do. CE certification stipulates that its products in the EU member markets free circulation, requiring its products contain all the instructions passed the test certification, can be affixed to the CE logo. Electrical Class CE certification General requirements LVD, EMC should also include mechanical instructions. Therefore, the cost is completely different, CE certification selection instructions should also refer to the customer's opinion and product's own situation.

Certification time

Domestic detection time is relatively fast, and the real EU recognized certification bodies, the time required is one points. Choose what kind of certification bodies, but also refer to the requirements of customers and their own needs, such as the other company designated to do TUV certification, then in accordance with customer requirements to do, itself is a multinational enterprise, to create a world-class brand, then TUV certification is fully in line with their own circumstances. At present, the domestic institutions issued certificates can also be recognized by the European Union, but also the acquisition of EU certification bodies.

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