BLUETOOTH® Qualification Services Bluetooth Consultancy And Listing

- Oct 19, 2017 -

BLUETOOTH® qualification services
Bluetooth consultancy and listing strategies

NTEK provides you with reliable information to assist in developing efficient listing strategies for comprehensive product portfolios, which helps reduce test time and qualification costs.

BQE and project management services available at NTEK

  • Bluetooth project      concept and listing strategies, definition and optimization in conjunction      with your upcoming Bluetooth products

  • Definition      of re-testing requirements for all available product types (e.g.      integration of Bluetooth wireless technology in your end-product)

  • Test      project handling in NTEK

  • Preparation      and upload of test declaration

  • Assessment      of the compliance folder

  • Consultancy      in case of product changes


  • Our BQEs      help to ensure that your product meets the requirements of the Bluetooth      Qualification Program.

  • By using a      BQE, your listing is exempt from a random audit by the Bluetooth      SIG.

For a budgetary Bluetooth testing quotation
please Contact, or call Flora-0086 15813843473 directly


  • Travel Adapter Charger Power Bank EMC CE Compliance
  • Professional Test Laboratory EMC Test on Computer 3D Connectivity Drone UAV Smart Product
  • Hair Health Fitness Product EMC CE Certificate
  • Toxic Element Test for Consumer Products Toys Lead Content Phthalates Content 19 Elements
  • Bluetooth Product FCC Test FCC ID Compliance
  • Industry Canada Bluetooth Product Certificate Test Approval

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