UL Standard

- May 23, 2017 -

UL standard, almost all kinds of products, it is the basis of identification products. UL publishes more than more than 500 standards, of which 70% are adopted by the National Standards Institute (ANSI) as the national standard.

1 UL Standard structure

In general, the UL standard in the structure can be divided into:

(1) The range of products covered by the standard;

(2) The structure of the product requirements;

(3) The requirements for the raw materials used in the products;

(4) The requirements for the components used in the product;

(5) UL laboratory to sample test equipment requirements and test methods;

(6) Test equipment requirements and test methods for manufacturer's factory;

(7) Product logo and specification requirements.

  • Key Home Appliance Tablet Switch RoHS Test Compliance
  • Adapter Lighting Product Hair Clip RoHS Conformity
  • Audio Video Product Speaker Smart Media RoHS Approval
  • Telecommunications Product Set Top Box Phone LCD Phone Battery EMC Test
  • Industry Canada Bluetooth Product Certificate Test Approval
  • TELEC Test for Consumer Product

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