Rules of Application for Serbian National Conformity Mark “AAA”

- Jun 14, 2018 -

Before a product can be sold within the Serbian market, it should meet the

requirements of the one of the following Rulebooks:

Rulebook on the Electrical Equipment Intended for the Use Within Certain

Voltage Limits

Rulebook on the Electromagnetic Compatibility

Rulebook on R&TT Equipment

To prove the compliance with the requirements, the conformity mark shall be

applied by the manufacturer or his authorized representative.

The Serbian conformity mark must consist of three capital letters “A”

interconnected in the equilateral triangle (3A) according to the figure below:


The size of the marking shall be determined by the vertical dimension B of the 

marking, which may only have values of standard numbers rounded up, to the

order of magnitude R10 expressed in millimeters (mm).

The vertical dimension B of the mark shall be at least 5 mm. The first box in the

picture should contain the unique registered identification number of the

national accredited CAB. The second box should include the last two digits of

the year of issue of the document of conformity.

In addition to the Serbian conformity mark, Class II R&TT Equipment also

should be marked with the warning sign according to the following format:


The conformity mark, which is applied to the equipment, shall be visible,

legible, and indelible in accordance with the regulation specifying affixing and

use of conformity marks.

Thus, the Serbian national conformity mark “AAA” guarantees that the product

is safe for the use, and environment-friendly as it complies with all the relevant

national requirements according to the Rulebooks.

  • CB Certificate Global
  • WPC Certificate
  • ICASA Certificate
  • Mobile Phone CE TEST Certificate
  • Radio Equipment Directive Bluetooth Smart Media Product
  • TELEC Test for Consumer Product

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