Mobile Power Quality Knowledge Quiz

- May 23, 2017 -

Q: Is there a national standard for mobile power in China?

A: At present, the country has not yet developed a special national standard for mobile power products. But December 5, 2014, China's first mandatory standard for lithium-ion batteries, "portable electronic products lithium-ion batteries and battery safety requirements," the official release, the standard number is Gb312014. The standard was implemented on August 1, 2015. This standard is not the national standard of mobile power supply, but because the mobile power supply is battery core, the protection of the circuit board and the shell, wherein the lithium-ion battery is a key component of the mobile power supply, so the lithium-ion battery for mobile power supply should meet the requirements of GB31241, in other words, the key components of the mobile power supply must meet the GB31241 test requirements.

Q: When will the national standards for mobile power be introduced?

A: Mobile power supply National standard "information technology portable Digital Equipment Mobile Power General Specification" has been issued by the National Standards Committee to set up the task, but has not yet promulgated the implementation.

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