ISED Testing at NTEK

- Sep 12, 2017 -

Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada (ISED) Testing at NTEK


ICES-001 Issue 4 — Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) Radio Frequency Generators

This Interference-Causing Equipment Standard sets out the technical requirements relative to radiated noise emissions from ISM radio frequency generators. ISM radio frequency generator means any interference-causing equipment that generates and/or uses radio frequency energy for industrial, scientific, medical, domestic or similar purposes, excluding applications in the field of telecommunications, information technology and other applications covered by other ISED Canada standards. This category of equipment includes industrial heating equipment, medical diathermy equipment, consumer and commercial induction cooking appliances, ultrasonic humidifiers, RF lighting and digitally controlled power tools.


ICES-002 Issue 6 — Vehicles, Boats and Other Devices Propelled by an Internal Combustion Engine, Electrical Means or Both

This Interference-Causing Equipment Standard sets out the limits and method of measurement for the radio noise produced by:

  1. vehicles propelled by an internal combustion engine, electrical means      or both;

  2. boats, which are no greater than 15 meters in length, propelled by an      internal combustion engine, electrical means or both; and

  3. Devices equipped with internal combustion engines or traction      batteries.


ICES-003 Issue 5 — Information Technology Equipment (ITE) – Limits and methods of measurement

This Interference-Causing Equipment Standard sets out standard requirements for Information Technology Equipment (ITE). Information Technology Equipment (ITE) is defined as devices or systems that use digital techniques for purposes such as data processing and computation. ITE is any unintentional radiator (device or system) that generates and/or uses timing signals or pulses having a rate of at least 9 kHz and employs digital techniques for purposes such as computation, display, data processing and storage, and control.


ICES-005 Issue 3 — Radio Frequency Lighting Devices (RFLDs)

This Interference-Causing Equipment Standard sets out the technical requirements relative to the radiated and conducted radio noise emissions from radio frequency lighting devices (RFLDs).


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