India TEC certificate become mandatory since October 2018

- Sep 11, 2018 -

     According to the Telecommunications Equipment Mandatory Testing and Certification Act issued by the Telecommunications Engineering Center of India (TEC), all telecommunications products must comply with applicable basic requirements and be certified prior to production, import, distribution or sale in the Indian market.The regulation will be enforced in October 2018, and manufacturers can submit applications for certification from the Telecommunication Engineering Center from July 2018.

General information

Telecommunications products must be tested in a national laboratory or test at the MRA laboratory.

• Test is performed according to applicable basic requirements issued by technical executives

• Basic requirements should include EMI/EMC, safety, RF, safety and other requirements (SAR, IPV6, etc.)

• Security requirements will increase in the future.

• The certificate is valid for 5 years.

• TEC certification logo is required to be marked on the label.


• Post-test monitoring will be performed by TEC.

• It takes 3 months to update the application (3 months before the certificate expires).

Products that convered under TEC are divided into two categories

(1) Simplified Certification Scheme (Table-A) - Self-Declaration

(2) General Certification Scheme (Table-B) - reviewed by the Technical Committee

Certification Procedure


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