Furniture CE certification Introduction and CE certification scope

- May 23, 2017 -

Furniture is people's lives in contact with the most products, with our health is closely related, so the EU countries to develop a unified standard, furniture into the market must pass this standard, access to CE certification, furniture and affixed with the CE certification mark, before admission. The following quasi-testing certification bodies for everyone to introduce the common furniture products CE certification standards, as well as furniture CE certification range.

Furniture CE certification contains products

Office furniture: office chair, visitor Chair, meeting table ...

Garden furniture: Garden armchair, garden table, swing chair ...

Children's Furniture: Children's beds, baby cots, high chairs ...

Kitchen Furniture: Folding table, Folding chair ...

Beds: Folding bed, double bed ...

Furniture CE certification Standard

(BS) DD/15185-2006 Furniture-evaluation of surface resistance to friction

(BS) DD env 12520-2000 Furniture-seating-mechanical and structural safety requirements

(BS) DD env 13759-2001 Furniture-Seating-test method for the determination of the durability performance of reclining and/or tilting mechanisms and operating mechanisms of movable sofa beds

(BS) DD env 581-2000 Outdoor furniture-tables and chairs for camping, household and work-mechanical safety requirements and test methods for tables and chairs

  • Computer & Peripheral CE Certificate
  • Key Home Appliance Tablet Switch RoHS Test Compliance
  • Telecommunications Product Set Top Box Phone LCD Phone Battery EMC Test
  • CPSIA Test Anxiety Fidget Toy Antistress Cube
  • Bluetooth Product FCC Test FCC ID Compliance
  • Industry Canada Wireless 4G Router Communication Equipment Wireless Networking Equipment 4G VPN Router

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