EU regulation of cadmium-containing coatings to be upgraded

- May 23, 2017 -

China is one of the important import markets of the European Union, and it is an important import place for consumer goods such as furniture, household appliances and toys. The coatings used in these consumer goods are partly cadmium-containing coatings. This time, the improvement of cadmium supervision and upgrading, for furniture coatings, home appliances paint, toy coatings and other related coatings manufacturers put forward the requirements of the formulation improvement.

Recently, the European Union issued a circular to the WTO secretariat (G TBT N 294) to revise the appendix to the European Parliament and Council of the reach statute, XVII. The revisions contain cadmium coatings, which are intended to limit the use of some cadmium-containing coatings to limit the listing of such coatings, and the limit of cadmium containing such paints is 0.01%.

Reminding the relevant coatings enterprises, from actively responding to the new requirements of reach regulation on cadmium-containing coatings: intensifying the collection and learning of Cadmium directive technical standards, to grasp the scope of control, limit requirements and testing methods for cadmium in reach law, to analyze the risk of cadmium content in the raw materials, process flow and outsourcing process of production products of enterprises, and to find out various risk links of cadmium exceeding standard, control cadmium risk through process modification, formula adjustment, and so on. Relevant coatings enterprises also according to the regulations listed in the project, according to the degree of risk, the high risk of raw materials to detect, verify product compliance.

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