Classification of certification

- May 23, 2017 -

Certification in accordance with the mandatory degree of voluntary certification and mandatory certification two, according to the object of certification into system certification and product certification.


Including China compulsory product certification (CCC) and official certification. CCC certification is a certification system for products sold in China, which is mandatory by the Chinese state. Regardless of domestic production or foreign imports, all listed in the CCC catalogue and domestic sales of products are required to obtain CCC certification, in addition to special-purpose products (in line with the exemption from CCC certification products). CCC certification is recognized by the state certification bodies to implement product certification. The official certification, which is the administrative license of market admittance, is the license management of the State administrative organ in accordance with the law for the items included in the Administrative license catalogue, and all the projects which need to be officially authenticated must obtain the permission of the administrative licensor to be allowed to produce, operate, store or sell. The administrative license is for the product, but the examination is the management system. Administrative licensing includes domestic products (domestically produced domestic sales and foreign domestic sales) and export products (domestic production of export products). Food quality and Safety (QS) certification and pharmaceutical production Quality Management standards (GMP) certification are officially certified.


is the organization according to the organization itself or its customers, relevant parties to the request for voluntary certification. Voluntary certification is mostly management system certification, also includes enterprises not included in the CCC certification catalogue of products applied for certification.

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