- May 23, 2017 -

Certification, is a form of credit guarantee. In accordance with the definition of International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and IEC, it refers to the conformity assessment activities of the product, service and management system of an organisation in conformity with relevant standards, technical specifications (TS) or its mandatory requirements by a nationally accredited certification authority.

Certification refers to the certification body to prove that products, services, management system in line with the relevant technical specifications of the mandatory requirements or standards of conformity assessment activities.

The certification here includes system certification and product certification of two categories, system certification general enterprises can do, but also a customer to their own enterprises or companies to rest assured that certification, for example, ISO9001 quality System certification, the general price of the number of enterprises or companies to decide; product certification is relatively broad, a variety of different specifications of products and different product certification prices are not the same, of course, their use is not the same, such as CCC national compulsory certification and CE EU security certification. In addition, the same category of products do different product certification price is not the same, such as air-conditioning, if the export will be done abroad related product certification.

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