NTC Certification Of Philippine

NTC Certification Of Philippine

Electrical products with radio frequency shall be certified by NTC before being sold to the Philippine's market.NTEK can help you to get this certificate.

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National Telecommunications Commission(NTC) is a national agency of Philippine, which manages the radio spectrum, regulates and supervises the provision of public telecommunications services(Radio Control Law, Act No. 3846, as amended and Public Telecommunications Policy Act of 1995, RA No. 7925). So electrical products with radio spectrum shall be certified by NTC before being sold to the Philippine's market.


Certification TypeCompulsory
Sample RequirementNA
Local TestingNA
Local RepresentativeNA
Lead Time3 weeks
Document  Requirement

1. Signed POA and application form.

2. ProductBrochure &Product Spec

3. Module NTC certificate,if any.

4. Testing Report

a) RF Test Report : 2G,3G,LTE,WLAN,RFID,BT,ANT+ ,wigig ect

b) RF-EMC Test Report

c) EMC Test Report

d) Safety Report(SRD  accept CE-LVD test report)

e) SAR Report – for Mobile phone & WWAN tablet /NB


•Except RF reports, other test reports should be subject to End product.

As for the RF reports, module’s RF report can replace End Product’s RF report

•Preference of RF part: 

Module NTC certificate > FCC report > CE report

Certification Procedure:                                                                         


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